Laser Acne Removal Pros And Cons

If you’ve got acne doesn’t necessary mean that the scars will follow? But if you have been struggling to get rid of your acne scars for long, then you should consider trying laser removal of acne scars.

What Is Acne Laser Treatment?

This method involves the usage of laser light to heat the upper skin layer, which affected by acne and to remove it. The process is almost painless and quite safe with the exception of few side effects that may sometimes occur.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Treatment For Acne?

Well, the first obvious benefit is that the process is quite easy and pretty comfortable – almost no pain involved; also you will be able to go home just after the session.

Laser light is targeted very accurately, and it will not harm surrounding skin surface.

The effects of such treatment are very great. Normally laser can remove up to 85% of acne scars; and since it will encourage the collagen production, the remaining scarring will heal, as the skin will get tougher and smoother.

There are ablative and non-ablative lasers; non-ablative are good for light and mild acne scarring, while ablative lasers are effective against more severe and shallow scars.

But What about Laser Acne Removal Pros?

The first thing that usually discourages people is the laser acne removal cost, which seems to be a bit high. It is easily explained by the effectiveness of the treatment and by the use of modern technologies used in procedures. The cost per session usually starts from $300.

Next thing is that one will have to undergo several sessions to complete the treatment – you cannot get rid of the scarred tissue in a single procedure. Thus the whole treatment may go up to $2000.

You will also have to go through the recovery period, which usually last between 1-2 month.

The presence of side effects is another short back of the laser treatment. But if everything is done properly, the impact done by them can be minimized and eliminated rather quickly.

Among these side effects there can be allergic-type reactions, infections, hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation, skin burning, and some other. Nevertheless, all these side effects can be overcome by proper treatment and professional guidance.