Latest Five Best Selfie Apps For Android

When Selfies first started clicked on societal networking, who’d have thought they’d stay this long. It isn’t just something gone viral but it’s something which has potentially changed the way in which brands reached out with their own audience on social media. If android selfie apps weren’t that impactful, who would have come up with selfie-sticks?

If you’re on face book, Twitter or Instagram, then you’ll be welcomed with a barrage of selfies nowadays, so much may be your craze. The selfie popularity was popular by application developers, as they have churned out some wonderful Apps which produce selfie snapping a level more interesting experience. There are a good deal of fantastic selfie Applications on each of the programs and also the fantastic thing is along side being a excellent selfie app, they’re an excellent photo editing app too, which means that you are able to snap a selfie and get to edit it on the go. Anyways, as always, here we are that you aid you in finding the ideal selfie app for your platform. Therefore, here are the Top 5 Selfie Apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone in 2017:

1. YouCam Perfect — Selfie Cam

The YouCam Perfect Selfie app is a superb application for all you selfie fans out there. Together with good selfie taking features, the app also will come with great selfie editing tools to get you an ideal selfie that you want. The app is feature packed and there are a number of interesting features like beautifying impacts, face reshaper, object remover, stylization and capacity to decorate all the characteristics of one’s own face.

2. Bright Camera — Camera for Facebook

Bright Camera application is one of the most famous Applications for selfie taking. Even the Bright Camera application enables you to shoot wonderful selfies and also make it even better, because of this excellent results and frames. The app also allows you to share your images immediately on most of the social websites.

The feature list includes filters, selfie timer, beautification, tilt shift effects and much more. The app also lets you add quotes and all, even if that’s your thing. The application is free on the Play Store and also you should definitely take a look.

3. Chocolate Camera

Chocolate Camera application is one of the high rated Apps in the Google Play Store and it’s really another terrific selfie application. The application enables you to take selfies and see realtime effects on them and there are more than hundred filters in the app.

There are a lot of editing features too along with beautification, blemish removal, make up features plus much more. The app is free using some in-app purchases, we sure you wouldn’t absolutely need.

4. Retrica

Retrica is a full fledged app for selfie fans and also for photoediting enthusiasts. The application despite the fact that not marketed as being a selfie application is a fantastic selfie app. The application has many fans due to its great interface and many features.

The fantastic features from the Retrica application includes 100+ filters (along side realtime filters), collage manufacturer, watermarking, timer and much more. The app is a must check out if you want an all rounder photo-editing and selfie taking application.

5. Selfie Studio

The Selfie Studio application is aimed in all the selfie fans on the market and also the app makes use of the front-facing camera, therefore if your device doesn’t own one, you won’t find a way to use the application.

The application allows you to brighten up your face with colours it is possible to choose and you can find other various features to better the ability including silent haul, auto reverse, volume key shutter and more.