Reliable And Tough – The Timex Military Watch

Are you someone who goes through watches fairly often because they can’t withstand the rigorous environment you work in?  If this describes you, you may want to take a good look at a watch that has earned a reputation for being extremely rugged and reliable…. the Timex Military Watch.  This watch was originally designed and engineered to be able to withstand the punishment that military personnel would put on them.  This is how the watch got its name.  The watch is not the exclusive domain of military personnel though.  It is now commonly used by civilians who value it for it’s ability to take a lot of punishment without being easily damaged.

When most people see the Timex Military Watch for the first time, they are usually underwhelmed by its appearance.  This is because the watch was never intended to be another “pretty” watch.  It was designed to be a watch that could truly take a lot of abuse and punishment while continuing to do its job without missing a beat.

The design of the Timex Military Watch is not the only reason why the watch is so tough.  Each of the individual parts the watch is made from is specially designed to be rugged and tough.  For example, the watch band is made from an extremely tough but comfortable nylon material.  This watch band is available for other watches by shopping for Timex replacement watch bands.  The watch’s case is also very rugged and tough because it is made from stainless steel.  As such, it can’t be easily dented or dinged.

One exciting aspect of the vintage Timex Military Watch is the fact that is barely sips power from its battery.  In fact, many owners of the watch report going five or more years in between battery changes.

If you are searching for a rugged and reliable watch that can take the punishment from either outdoors sports or outdoors chores, the Timex Military Watch is definitely the one for the job.