Sliding Glass Door Tips

Glass sliding doors are commonly found in most of the homes. Many times, these doors form the entrance or exit into the backyard. The homes owners can receive natural light with the help of glass sliding doors and watch their children playing from inside. Some of the drawbacks of having glass sliding doors include cleaning the doors and tracks as well as lubricating the tracks to avoid “sticking‚Äù while opening or closing the door.

First of all, sliding glass doors tips help to provide a considerable amount of natural light in the home. Most of the people have drapes or blinds and they can choose when to let the light inside the house. Natural light enhances a person’s mood and even productivity; hence a healthy amount may have several benefits.

Many people are concerned to watch their children while they are playing outside. It is not possible to be always outside the house to watch the children as you have various other works inside the house. A glass sliding door enables you to watch your children while you are doing other work inside the house like filing bills, or working at a computer.

It is easy to overcome the drawback of cleaning the sliding doors. Plenty of glass cleaners are available in the market and you can get the organic glass cleaner to cut down on indoor pollution. Make a mixture of dish soap with 1 tablespoon white vinegar and about 12 oz of water in a spray bottle. Your Eco-friendly glass cleaner is ready which costs much less than that available in the local stores.

It is also very easy to take care of the problem of “sticking” doors. Thoroughly clean the track at least once a month. Clean the corners of the doors with the use of the old toothbrush. A dab of lubricating grease bought from the hardware store is very useful to lubricate the track a few times a year. Work on the same by opening and closing the door a few times.