Beach Wedding Gowns: What Should You Wear?

Lots of beach weddings are considered informal or even casual. And while there may be some that are labeled as “semi-formal,” rarely do you see a formal, black-tie affair at the beach. If you are planning a beach wedding, you need to keep the formality of the wedding in mind when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gown for the occasion.

Super Casual: Are you thinking a barefoot wedding on the beach with close family and friends? If so, your wedding may be considered “super casual.” Think outside the wedding gown box when it comes to this one. A cocktail dress may be just the thing. Check your local department stores and see if they have something that might fit the bill. Also, don’t be afraid to break tradition—go for color! It is a huge trend these days. Some brides even go the extremely casual route and wear a simple sundress for the big day. Additionally, you may even want to take a peek at some bridesmaid dresses. They come in so many cute styles and designs and are super affordable. If you want to stick with an actual wedding gown, a shorter style is ideal.

Informal: Informal beach weddings are by far the most popular choice. This may mean a short guest list and an overall-relaxed feel to the day. When choosing a wedding dress, be sure not to get carried away by looking at gowns that are too “fancy” for the venue and vibe. A simple sheath dress would work well, as it gives a long and lean look, but can be bought with very little detailing. The sheath style is also a good choice when you consider the wind factor—you don’t want something that is too loose at the bottom, as it may easily fly up in the middle of the ceremony! Wedding dress designers are also making more and more short gowns. If you go this route, choose a shorter style that is more fitted toward the bottom; again, keeping in mind the wind. Empire gowns are a staple of informal beach weddings. They are comfortable, have numerous embellishments from which to choose, and are available in an array of informal styles.

Semi-formal: There are some semi-formal beach weddings. This includes a larger guest list and a more upscale feel to the day. Therefore, your wedding gown should reflect the same. A-lines are available in semi-formal styles, but make sure you choose a lightweight fabric. No bride wants to be sweating during her ceremony and reception. Empire dresses are also a good choice as some can be much more formal and the look of the design just screams beach. Stay away from ball gowns and short styles.